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What’s Avra Home?

(June 2021) You may know I’ve been enjoying name play over the last few years. In reconnecting with Judaism I’ve come to appreciate my Hebrew name Avraham (meaning “high father”) and various derivatives. Avra has been coming up for me, and on this year’s Spring Equinox I had the idea to bring it to life by naming my consulting practice “Avra Home” which has many levels of meaning that I imagine will continue to be revealed. In this moment it represents a perpetual “homecoming” feeling: to nature, to my body, to the life I am creating for myself and loved ones.

With the switch to Substack I’m thinking about writing more frequent newsletters and shifting focus from “The Andrew Show” to.. I’m not quiet sure yet. Perhaps more sharing learnings, questions > answers, curating others’ work > promoting mine. I’m welcoming opportunities to make writing a more regular creative practice. What would you like to read about?

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Meet Avra:

I am many things and no things. Copying/pasting my LinkedIn profile for now, and perhaps will craft a new bio in the coming times:

Andrew serves as student and teacher at the intersection of humane technology, education and personal development.

He holds ten years of early stage startup operations experience, with five years of cultivating deep expertise and community in designing technology that is aligned with our wellbeing, primarily through stewarding the late Siempo: a Public Benefit Corporation that built open source tools to support mental health. A key node in the wellness tech community, he co-founded the Digital Wellness Collective industry trade association, advises and coaches several startups and nonprofits in the humane tech space, and has lectured for the Transformative Technology Academy on ethical and inclusive models.

In 2020 Andrew focused on launching One Nation Party USA: a new American political party focused on systems change. He co-led the activation the organization's land-based HQ community in New Mexico, and a distributed policy research network centering regenerative policies and templates.

He has also contributed to education reform through speaking at Wharton Business School, and impact investing through convening circles of investors who are thinking differently about capital and speaking at Nexus, Family Office Association, Keep Families Giving and Strategic Impact Cohort on aligning wealth with impact and purpose.

Previously Andrew worked in operations roles for early stage startups in hospitality, fin-tech, and logistics, most notably at Flexport ($3b+) where he was an early employee who activated the training, learning and development side of the org. He studied Operations and Information Management at UPenn/Wharton, Marketing at TechStarts Startup Institute, Leadership and Awakening at Luminous Awareness Institute, Decolonization and Eco-theology at Sequoia Samanvaya.

Facebook: Andrew Murray Dunn
LinkedIn: Andrew Murray Dunn
Twitter: @aandrewdunn
IG: @andrewdunn 

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