My message for men in the metacrisis.
Questions, Resources, & Programming for Culture Change
Gratitude, Reflection, & Vision for a Prosperous Suburb 👋🏼🏘
How I wound up in a tent in the high desert plotting to take down the two-party system.
Thoughts and feelings about my life in coming year
Learnings and Musings on My Greatest Teacher
Letter published in college paper on shifting stories of success and good life
Transitioning Platforms, Learning Journeys, New York Homecoming
Part II: Noticing Patterns of History in Tech & Business. Questioning Popular Narratives in Spiritual Communities. Inquiring How To Be With It All. This…
Part I: A Cautionary Tale of Power x Awakening This is a coming of age story. The trials and tribulations of coming into and out of Saviorism. My…
Hi there! Whew. Just like that, another chapter has come and gone. Goodbye winter in Mt. Shasta, hello spring in New York. Transition once again. I have…
My intention in writing this piece is to share an unexpected experience I had on this year’s Spring Equinox, marking a joyous milestone in my ongoing…